Stage two is mostly for artist, who would like to do meditative art works. When someone got the experiences about visual meditation, to learn to see the Creator everywhere. For this practice we will work on any type of drawing or paintings with a very different method. The participant will choose the subject, he will get the help to work on it in a deep meditative way. There are a lot of art work like this in East and Far East.

The Japanese ink painting could be the one of the highest level of this type of art. We can find very similar style in China also. This picture are speaking about the nature around us. They do not use shade and just a very few lines, but everything is in a right space. It is not about the artist’s view, it is much more about occasion, how looks like the different emotions in different situations.

They learned the differentiation theory, they feel what is going on, they have an opinion about it and they able to show up it for us.