The art and philosophy has a different conception in Hindu aesthetic than in Europe. The philosophy and the life existence is interweave with art in this oriental conception. The art-works are part of our life, one of the way how can we learn or understand our world. Yoga can be the technique of it, means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. Yoga is the union of limited with Unlimited. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection, in the Art Yoga it will happen by art.
The Art Yoga can be traced in all arts, but for me the fine art the connection point, where I can be the part of this mystical tradition. I’m a painter, an artist. I lived in India a few years and could meet with artist not only on the exhibitions rooms, but in their own studios and we could discuss a lot of subjects and worked together. I have seen the work’s method of traditional artists and the modern artists also, and it is a big different in India, both of them the part of the visual art, but in a very dissimilar way.
There are some artist who are working in the same way like centuries ago, and there are some other, who learned the European style of fine art, and combined them with tradition.
The main question is how we can do art work or why we are doing them.